Now that the first generations of micro service applications have deployed, some of the difficulties with developing and maintaining these applications have become apparent especially as these increase in complexity. The service mesh is one of the responses to those difficulties that will benefit the next generation of applications. The service mesh provides basic discovery, load balancing, failure recovery, metrics, and monitoring services to the services within an application, as well as more advanced features such as A/B testing, canary rollouts, rate limiting, access control, and end-to-end authentication.

A collection of projects come together to offer mesh capabilities:

  • Configurable interconnect of services via Istio
  • Tracing and measurement via Jaeger
  • Visualization via Kiali



Patrick Ladd is a technical account manager for Red Hat working with large financial services customers on their OpenShift clusters. Prior to that he was IT manager for a local company and a software developer at IBM. As a long time HV Open member, he’s given previous talks on many aspects of the open source ecosystem, including the Linux virtual memory and network subsystems, systemd, LVM, Ansible, and Gluster. He’s also done programming talks, a talk on typography and a talk on Linux gaming. He’s also the creator of the traditional HVOpen anniversary cakes each March, organizer of the NYC Red Hat Usergroup, and a long-time Scout leader.

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