Brand Guidelines

This is a set of guidelines to help with consistency when discussing HV Open, and in creating colateral like stickers, posters, or other promotional materials.


The following are the official names for HV Open:

  • hvopen
  • HV Open
  • Hudson Valley Open Technology Meetup


The font used for the HV Open logo is Source Sans Pro which is was released by Adobe under the open font license. The rendered HV Open logo was produced on a Mac, which does font rendering slightly differently. If working on Linux don’t expect a pixel for pixel render of the font the same way.


The following colors are used througout the website, and this pallete should be used in any branding material for consistency.

Accents: #FFDA00
Accents 2: #B5B6BC
Headers: #1DA8DE
Body Text: #17171A
Body Links: #1684B9


There is a complete collection of Logo images provided in the hvopen-brand git repository. Some of the most common are linked here.

HV Open Logo

Available in PNG: Small (240x70), Medium (834x244), and Large (2501x747)

Also available as path based SVG files

The main HV Open logo is roughly a 3x1 aspect ratio. Many social media sites require something that’s closer to 1x1. There is a social logo designed for that (and the basis for the favicon).

Social Logo PNG, Social Logo SVG

Additional Resources

As we create new content, please link it here so that it can be reused.