Lightning Talk

At an HV Open meeting, every single person there knows at least 10 interesting things about open technology that at least half the room does not know. This group exists to share this interesting information with each other. One way we do this is with a series of short lightning talks before the meeting.

A good lightning talk is:

  • Short - 5 minutes (we let people go up to 10, but no longer than that)
  • Interesting - it shares something new with the group, and gives people a hook at to why they might be impacted by it or use it.
  • Path to learn more - almost anything you'd talk about with a lightning talk would take much more than 5 minutes to understand. That's ok. Consider it the "movie trailer" for the topic. Make sure the audience knows where to satisfy their curiosity and learn more.

Propose Lightning Talk

After you propose one, the HV Open organizers will be in touch shortly to get you on the schedule.