The Golden Age of Hardware Hacking brings a cornucopia of electronic test equipment and components, bearing specifications from yesterday’s lab-grade hardware with price tags from today’s Happy Meal, direct to your workbench from halfway around the planet.

This presentation will review electrical units, then explore how to produce signals and measure circuit properties, covering everything from power supplies to function generators, multimeters to oscilloscopes, and even a few instruments you’ve never met before.

You’ll also learn why “Trust, but Verify” remains relevant, especially for deals both “too good to be true” and “too good to pass up”.


Ed Nisley began making widgets long before Making was a thing, writing decades of magazine article and columns helping engineers and Makers avoid his oopsies. He’s worked for a locally important Three Letter Company, done the consulting engineer gig, and has happily retired to his Basement Laboratory.

Lightning Talks

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