If you are interested in an open source, scalable app backend that requires almost no code, setup, or maintenance, you should check out Parse. Parse is a backend-as-a-service that is now open source. Chris has used it on several projects, and he will give an overview of the platform. He’ll talk about how it compares to alternatives such as Firebase or AWS. And he’ll spice it up with a live coding demo that will almost certainly to fail due to typos, misconfiguration, bad network, or a combination of all of the above. You’ll experience the schadenfreude of watching someone agonize trying to get a simple code demo, that had worked just minutes before, to work again live in front of an audience of other developers!


Chris Garrett loves writing code in languages that don’t suck. He enjoys mentoring people new to programming. He is an active contributor to Hudson Valley Tech. He freelances as an iOS app developer. And he is plugging away at on one of his own projects, an iOS game called Moji Match.

Lightning Talks

We’ll also be doing the following lightning talks before the meeting:

  • A Secure Remote Control for a Garage Door - Bill Rubin
  • MAWFS: An encryted and distributed branching filesystem - Michael Muller
  • More welcome, please propose below!

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