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An introduction to Git source code management system, good for all levels of expertise.

Included will be:

  • An overview of what git is
  • Why use git?
  • git vs. github
  • A peek into how git works
  • A hands-on demo of using git on the command line
  • A hands-on walkthrough of the general steps to contribute to an open source project (and fix this typo)

If you would like to participate in the hands-on portions you’ll need to do the following:


Al Jachimiak is the Lead Support Engineer at Odd Networks. During the day, Al maintains several NodeJs and Go backend services, manages app releases on multiple platforms, and produces client side javascript applications. His current focus has been working with VueJs. This is Al’s fourth full length talk at HVOpen.

Lightning Talks

We’ll also be doing the following lightning talks before the meeting:

  • Automating Emails with Mailchimp - Sean Dague
  • Overview of Open Hardware Summit - Joe Apuzzo
  • Sign up for one!

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