Fresh off our talk in May on Kubernetes, lets dive into what it takes to write a good application for the environment.

Writing a microservice is easy right? There are plenty of tutorials out there showing how you can create a microservice application using just a few clicks and some annotations. But what happens when you create your own microservice and are hit with the reality of testing, deploying and managing your new application?

Game On! is an interactive text-based adventure game written as a collection of microservices designed to help people answer these questions. In this session we will discuss how we used service composition and domain driven design, API versioning, security, and a combination of lightweight protocols to build the game. We will also talk about the evolving relationship between twelve factor applications and supporting infrastructure.

Lightning Talks

We’ll also be doing the following lightning talks before the meeting:

  • West Point weather balloon missions - Eric Myers
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux - Bruce Locke
  • ESPBasic on the ESP8266 - Joe Apuzzo