We have so many creative makers in our community, and every year we dedicate one meeting to create a space to share what they are doing with others. At the Mad Science Fair, members of our community bring their projects, hardware, software, feltware, papercraft, musical whatever medium they work in, and set them up on display for an evening of show and tell.

What to Expect

Every year is a little different with what shows up. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer!

Lourdes also has a number of 3D printers, 3D printing pens, and fields a robotics team, all of which will be on display for the evening. Come join us for a great night.

For Attendees

Bring your curiosity and your questions and be inspired! Come prepared to have great conversations with new people that have created some really fun things.

For Creators

We’d love to host you! But we need to know what you need to be successful. Please fill out this registration form which tells us how much space and power you need to show off your creation.

Please Register by July 6th

Don’t worry if your project is only half done. This is about learning from each other, so the process is also just as interesting as the destination.