Every July we gather together in a special HV Open event we call the Mad Science Fair. People are encouraged to bring their hardware and software hacking projects in a show and tell forum. We’ll have tables set up with power available. We kick off the evening with a short inspirational video, and then proceed to interactive discussions with people showing what they’ve got. Everyone is welcomed to come and enjoy, even if you don’t have something to exhibit.

We ask folks to register in advance so we have a sense of space planning. We ask a few basic bits of information:

  • Contact info
  • Project Description
  • How much space you need to show your project
  • How much power / networking you need
  • Any other special needs

Register Now

Project Ideas

The following have been presented at previous Mad Science Fair events. These are just for inspiration. Anything you’ve made or done in the software or physical space, or a mashup of both is welcomed.

  • 3D Printers
  • Vacuum tube headphone amplifier
  • Home Asssistant home automation system
  • Scale model of the solar system
  • Pi Arcade
  • PVC Pipe Organ
  • Various flashy LED projects
  • DJ / Turntable Scripting