Blockchain, the underlying technology that first emerged in the crypto currency Bitcoin, is promising to be a transformative technology that will impact many industries, including the financial services sector, insurance, healthcare, government, and media. We will introduce what blockchain is and how it works, starting from Bitcoin, to the multiple types of blockchain fabric implementations today.   Specifically, we will discuss the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project, which is an open source collaborative effort to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, to which IBM has been a primary contributor.  Finally, we will introduce blockchain use cases, touching on examples from the financial services sector, insurance, supply chain and healthcare.

Dr. Rebecca Gott is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM in Poughkeepsie working in z Systems and LinuxONE. Dr. Gott received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Tulane University in 1995, where she developed signal processing techniques to process multi-beam sonar data. She then served in the United States Air Force where she worked in GPS development and test.  She joined IBM in 1999 in the area of High Performance Computing, followed by working in pre-silicon verification for multiple ASIC chips, POWER programs, and has been the pre-silicon verification lead for the processor cache subsystem for the last five generations of z Systems. Currently, Dr. Gott is an architect for LinuxONE data serving, focusing on bringing new capabilities and workloads such as blockchain to the platform. Dr. Gott has also served as an Adjunct Faculty member at SUNY New Paltz, teaching a graduate level course entitled “Introduction to Genomics Science and Technology” that explains the information system paradigm in molecular biology and genomics.

Lightning Talks

  • Atom is a multiplatform code/text editor. When you add the script plugin, it becomes a very powerful old-school IDE (Howto video): Joe Apuzzo
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