Life with the Internet Archive and Archive Team

The Internet Archive is a non-profit library in California but is working to take care of all the history and knowledge of the world, especially websites and books. Jason Scott, an employee of the Archive, as well as involved in many related projects, will give a quick-paced walkthrough of the ideas, considerations, and processes that the Internet Archive and activist group Archive Team use to save today for tomorrow and long beyond.

Jason Scott runs the web site and created the Documentaries “BBS: The Documentary” (about Bulletin Board Systems), “Get Lamp” (about Text Adventure Games), and DEFCON (about a 20-year hacker conference). He is also behind the Twitter Account “Sockington the Cat” (@sockington) with over 1.3 million followers. He currently works for the Internet Archive ( etc.) as a Free-Range Archivist. He is also Official Mascot of the “Archive Team”, a group of “radical internet content preservationists”, who try to copy and preserve as much as possible of the publicly accessible user generated content from web sites that are shutting down, often with very little warning. He was born in and currently lives in Hopewell Junction (after a 20-year stint in Westchester Country and Boston).

Lightning Talks

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