Understanding Systemd

systemd is a replacement Linux init system and set of system management utilities that has been adopted by most major distributions.  It is a replacement for the older UNIX System V and BSD init systems.  In addition to the init system, systemd bundles a number of other software functions such as time synchonization, event logging, and network managment.  systemd has generated a significant amount of controversy in the Linux community over it’s design and complexity.  This talk will introduce the core features of systemd and get you ready to manage systems running distributions based on systemd.  Hopefully, a better understanding of it’s features and advantages over System V init will limit the amount of rotten fruits that audience members may be tempted to throw.  I’ll wear a red shirt just in case.

About the speaker: Patrick Ladd is currently a Technical Account manager for Red Hat software supporting large financial customer’s deployments of Red Hat Linux, storage, and other technologies.  Prior to that he was IT manager of a local fuel company and a software engineer at IBM.  He has been a Linux system administrator for over 15 years and administrator of other UNIX systems prior to that.

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