Note: this meeting is in the Rocky 300 room, one floor up from our normal meeting location.

If your idea of DNS is still a couple of text files being served up by bind on that old Linux box in the corner, this talk is for you! Actually, it can still work that way, but in this talk we’ll learn about the many improvements that have gone on in the DNS space over its 30 year history. We’ll go over what it does, why it’s important, and how the latest cutting edge DNS platforms are driving towards full-on uber-reliable Global Traffic Management systems. Oh yes, and we’ll go over how you can setup your very own bind on that old Linux box in the corner!

Shannon has been working in internet infrastructure since 1996 when he started at Infinity Data Systems, one of the first local ISPs. Not coincidentally, this was his first year using Linux full time. He can find his way around the full backend stack but he’s focused on software development, and has created or contributed to many open source projects throughout the years. He’s previously worked for Internap and F5 Networks, and is currently Senior Software Architect at NSONE, the data driven DNS company. You can find him on

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