3D printing, widely touted as the Next New Thing, promises a revolutionary cornucopia of consumer electronics, jet engines, eyeballs, weaponry, automobile suspensions, kidneys, low humor, high cuisine, scanty clothing, and IP infringement, all pouring from the same cheap desktop box. The reality, as anyone who recalls the dot-com era should know, will not go according to plan. Ed will explain what personal 3D printing is all about, what's feasible with today's technologies, what might be possible (and what's not) in the near future, and why you might (or might not) want a 3D printer of your very own. You'll see Ed's modified Makergear M2 printer in action and perhaps pick up a tchotchke or two.
Ed Nisley occasionally emerges from his Basement Laboratory, where he obsessively fixes broken products, writes columns for tech magazines, and creates useful gadgets with his 3D printers.



Lightning Talks

  • The Heartbleed bug - what it was, what's exposed, and what you need to do about it.
  • `The [Professional Linux, Special Interest Group](http://prolinuxsig.wordpress.com)`