Due to a snow storm expected to hit the Mid Hudson Valley tonight’s meeting is cancelled. 

Explore the transformation of printing and typography from a distinctly physical art form to a modern digital artform.  Did you know that upper case and lower case are physical locations?  Learn the parts of a letter, and what points, tracking, leading, baselines and kerning are all about.  With that foundation we will explore the transformation of type onto digital media, including a discussion of fonts, formats and tools for type design.

Patrick Ladd is currently the IT Manager at Bottini Fuel.  After hours he’s an active Squidwrench member.  He became more interested in typography last year when he acquired his grandfather’s letterpress printing shop from a basement in Chicago and is in the process of restoring it to operating condition.

Lightning Talks

  • Clonezilla and Clonezilla Server - Matthias Johnson
  • ZNC - irc proxy server - Sean Dague