Mobile WebWeb technologies such as the ubiquitous web browser have evolved quite a bit over 22 years of existence. The first prototype browser was developed on a $6,500 NeXT “Cube” computer with a coax cable network connection that weighed over 20 pounds. Today for $300 or less you can walk out of a store with a computer that fits in your pocket, is a supercomputer in comparison, stays continuously connected to the Internet using a massive radio tower infrastructure and just happens to also be able to make telephone calls. The web is in the process of reorienting itself to embracing these early prototypes for cyborg implants.

This talk will be a whirlwind tour of both the history and the future of the web. Topics discussed will include the various types of mobile devices, modern browser design, and the implications that these new ways of interacting with websites will have for both experienced and budding web developers. The dead horse of native apps vs web sites will be beaten yet again. We will examine how a new generation of Internet users are coming online where the keyboard and mouse is not the primary means of interacting with a computer and what expectations they will have. Web development techniques, useful tools, and design considerations will also be quickly introduced for those wanting to dig in.

Bruce Locke is a Network Engineer and Linux System Administrator by trade.  He’s a regular at MHVLUG meetings and in the past has given introductory talks on IPv6, SELinux, Zenoss, and Linux virtualization.

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