Empower your consumer grade hardware with enterprise features! Harden your security without building a wall of debt! Unleash the functionality of everyday networking devices! Pimp My Network is an in depth look at the current state of residential hardware, custom firmware packages, and advanced enterprise features that allow you to take back control of your network. Don’t settle for a flakey, sporadic network. Get the most out of shared bandwidth. Rise above ISP Serfdom. Also, why aren’t you using IPv6 yet?

Alex Swehla is a Systems Administrator/Business Automation Specialist by day and a hard rocking biker brewmaster nerdcore maker dragon ninja by night. Some say that he does not know the meaning of “diminishing returns,” and the only percentage of performance he cares about is the final 10% … all we know is, he’s called Loki!

Lightning Talks

  • Node Announce - Sean Dague - how you get your monthly mhvlug meeting announcements
  • 123 Make - Patrick Ladd