Chef is a configuration management tool that you should probably be using if you have to manage more than a handful of servers. Chef helps system administrators automate much of their day-to-day work so they can then focus on more important and challenging tasks. In this month’s talk Sean O’Connor will be giving an introduction to Chef which will include some background on what Chef is, how Chef works, how one goes about automating tasks with chef, and (internet willing) a demo of Chef in action.

Sean O’Connor is currently a Partner at Saaspire, a small startup in NYC working on making it easier to work with behavioral data. Given that Saaspire is still a very small shop, Sean does a bit of everything but his primary focus is development and systems administration. Sean was a member of and previous speaker at the LUG until he moved to NYC in 2009 and he is very excited to be making a return to the Hudson Valley.

Lightning Talks

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