If you can draw a thing on a computer display, a 3D printer can (probably) put a plastic thing in your hand. Whether you’re interested in art objects, prototype products, or repair parts, a 3D printer may be exactly what you need to convert your great ideas into tangible hardware.

For example, you can go from this …

Printed helmet mirror mount

… to this …

… in about an hour. What’s not to like?

Ed will discuss what 3D printers can and cannot do, the differences between $10k commercial 3D printers and $1k build-it-yourself 3D printers, what you can expect from contemporary DIY printers, and how to go about creating printable solid models.

The Lords of Cosmic Jest permitting, Ed’s Thing-O-Matic printer will produce some parts during the course of the presentation.

Notice: There. Will. Be. Tchotchkes!

Pix from the meeting are there.

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