Sean Dague will be talking about his work on the OpenSim platform, an open source implementation of the Linden SecondLife protocol. With OpenSim you can easily build and host your own 3D virtual world. You can also use it as a 3D toolkit for easily building specific 3D applications.

The talk will go over the emerging space littered by buzzwords such as: Virtual Worlds, 3D Internet, Web 3.0, and give you and idea of some of the technology here. It will specifically dive into bringing up your own OpenSim instance, why you might want to, and what you can do with it once you have it running.

You connect to OpenSim with the Linden SecondLife client. Attendees that have laptops, working 3D acceleration, and the Linden client installed will be given instructions to play around with a test instance running at the meeting.