Have you ever wondered what software is inside your set top box? your cell phone? the network appliance in your data center? Chances are it is or will soon be Linux. Industry Analysts have predicted that more than 30% of all Intelligent Device Applications will be developed on the Linux platform this year. In fact, you may want to consider a custom Linux application appliance if the traditional enterprise deployment of applications is not keeping pace with your business demands.

This talk will present some methods used when developing device software with Linux. Although this discussion is based around device software, these approaches will resonate with other Linux development projects.

Linux projects are typically an integration of many different upstream source projects, and maintaining software that is based on these asynchronous projects can be complicated. There are certain techniques that can help reduce the cost of constant remerging as packages are upgraded.

Cross compilation is important to be able to do development on small targets, and has requirements on compilers and system libraries. Cross debugging can help with both kernel mode and userspace debugging, using kgdb, gdb or other tools. While the lines between enterprise Linux application development and device application development are blurring, there key differences in the development paradigm. In an embedded platform issues such as board bring up, creating a Linux boot image and debugging the kernel and/or the application present challenges not found in enterprise Linux. Wind River will demonstrate its capabilities to support native and embedded cross development.

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About Wind River

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