Thursday’s talk will be about Linux Virtualization.

Virtualization is a framework that allows for the abstraction of real resources (hardware resources such as CPU, memory, etc) and utilization of these abstracted resources. Using various virtualization techniques you can have one computer can appear to be many computers and have many computers act as if they are all part of a single computer.

Two common Linux Virtualization tools (User Mode Linux and VMware) will be demoed in detail and possible uses of the tools will be discussed. Other tools may be demoed also if time allows.

I’d also like to encourage audience members to share their experiences with virtualization tools. Stories about inventive uses would be much appreciated (especially from you people with access to big iron hint hint). It is time to think of computers as not being single entities with single task purposes running one operating system image but as both building blocks for massive computer systems and individually as potential hosts for multiple separate operating environments.