Security, Intrusion Detection & Hackers - A Nuts & Bolts Discussion of how to protect yourself, presented by Ron Phillips from Dept-One.

Dept-One is a wireless broadband & dialup Internet Service Provider based in Poughkeepsie, NY. ISPs are huge targets for hackers - learn how Dept-One protects itself from the outside world and how you can utilize the same tools & techniques to protect yourself.

Ron Phillips has over 15 years experience in all aspects of data communication and networking. He has been directly responsible for the design, integration and deployment of numerous IP data networks, backend support and application servers utilizing every major platform and vendor. He has tremendous experience configuring, troubleshooting and integrating devices and appliances spanning the OSI network model. He has gained extensive operational experience running both wired and wireless IPSs providing him a solid knowledge of how to achieve network reliability through systematic network administration, fault-tolerant design, security & intrustion monitoring and disaster planning. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Marist College and is pursueing his MBA. Additionally he lectures as an Adjunct Professor on the topices of programming, data communications and networking.