Leadership Roles

It takes a lot of people to make HV Open a vibrant technical community. Here are some of the many roles in the organization that are needed to keep us a vibrant community. If you are interested in any of these we're always looking for more help.


This role is the most nebulous, as it's sort of the catchall for everything else that doesn't fit anywhere else.


  • Ensure the continued thriving of the group
  • Work to fill empty roles in the group
  • Organize regular meetings of leadership team to work on HV Open futures.

Current President: Sean Dague

Program Director

Responsible for lining up the content that we present at the monthly meeting. This mostly involves speaker outreach and relations.


  • Developer a list of potential meeting topics and speakers for HV Open monthly meetings, ideally planning 3 - 6 months in advance.
  • Be the central liason for speakers at HV Open
  • Collect and post abstracts and bios for upcoming meetings.
  • Introduce speakers at the HV Open meetings

Current Program Director: Matt Johnson


Responsible for documenting what the group does, and sharing that with our broader community.


  • Photograph meetings and events
  • Keep track of number of attendees at events
  • Post monthly summaries of the meetings

Current Historian: Jack Chastain


Responsible for getting the word out about HV Open, and HV Open events. If people don't know that we exist, then the rest of what we do only gets to a very limitted set of regulars.


  • Announce upcoming events to relevant audiences
  • Post relevant content to social media to reach wider audience
  • Write press releases for local media for major events (i.e. Mad Science Fair)
  • Connect with local and aligned audiences (colleges, other groups) to cross polinate what we are doing with them and their needs

Current Outreach: None (Sean Dague in acting role)


Responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of HV Open. That includes the website, the pre meeting slideshow, the mailchimp templates and account, and any automation we need.


  • Maintenance of HV Open Website
  • Maintenance of Mailchimp
  • Maintenance of HV Open Preroll Deck

Current Infrastructure: Sean Dague