Note: due to Vassar campus response to covid-19, there will be no April meeting. We’ll tenatively hold this meeting in May. Check back for future updates.

When creating modern software, we often are lured into the latest and greatest new trends in software development. However, very often our old and reliable tools can provide us just as successful a path to success. And one of the most old and reliable tools is the humble SQL database.

This talk will look at the rebuilding of the scheduler / queue system for the IBM Quantum Experience, moving all the data from noSQL systems to PostgreSQL to get much better reliability, performance, and enable new features. It will look at a whole series of performance cliffs we hit as we grew the system, and how we got past them.

You’ll walk away learning things that PostgreSQL can do that you probably didn’t realize, and how you can take advantage of those to build high performance applications.


Sean Dague is the founder of HV Open, and has a 20 year history working in open source communities. He’s currently leading the cloud services effort in the IBM Quantum Computing team. When not doing tech, he’s volunteering working on climate policy with Citizens’ Climate Lobby

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